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Born in Hong Kong, now based in London. A composer, performer and singer-producer-songwriter. Jonathan Yang melds his chaos with control, letting dissonance be heard as harmony. Mutating between electronic experimentation and acoustic texture, veering from intimate indie folk-pop to deconstructed experimental music.

Jonathan is active in the local art and music scene, curating cross-media creations. Working with space, movements and sounds, he released “YESTERDAYS IMPRESSIONS” (LP, 2022) and “It’s Time I Head South” (EP, 2017). Dance theatre works such as “VENT!” (2022) and “CCLAB I II III” (2021). Multimedia installation trilogy “Follow The Trail” (2022), “Light…all you see is light” (2021) and “Asylum” (2015), and Student Oscar nominee animation “The Sun Is Bad” (2023) and featured in screen dance project “MAKEMECRY” (2023) to name a few.

Apart from being a versatile solo creative, he’s also a member of the punk band, David Boring, and a member of the Free Jazz Collective, Fountain Collective.

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