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Jonathan Yang - VENT! Reel
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Born in Hong Kong, now based in London.
Composer, performer and a singer-producer-songwriter. Jonathan is active in the local art and music scene, curating cross-media creations. Working with space, movements and sounds, he wrote albums and works such as “YESTERDAYS IMPRESSIONS” LP (2022), dance theatre “VENT!” (2022) and “CCLAB I II III” (2021). Multimedia installation “Light…all you see is light” (2021) and short film music “The Sun Is Bad” (2023), featured in screen dance project “MAKEMECRY” (2023) to name a few.
Despite being a versatile solo creative, he’s also a member of a no wave band, David Boring, and a member of a Free Jazz Collective, Fountain de Chopin.
Jonathan melds his chaos with control; altering reality by casting light into abstraction and ambiguity, letting dissonance be heard as harmony.

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