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Composer, performer and singer-producer-songwriter. He is active in the local independent music scene, curating cross-media creations with different musicians and artists, writing for multiple media and a member of a four-piece punk band, DAVID BORING and a Free Jazz Collective, Fountain de Chopin.

He has participated in various projects with West Kowloon Freespace. Their Freespace Mixtape No.1 (2017) and No.3 (2019-2020). Jazz Fest Experimental Lab (2021). 

A 2-day showcase with Mike Yip, a Hong Kong renowned jazz musician and composer, by rearranging each other's works and performed with four other musicians ranging styles from classical to jazz background. The show was named "..." (2021) with Jonathan edited version by sampling some live audio, dividing into 2 separate chapters, give it a more complete experience.

He was also featured in multiple Hong Kong's independent music unit. Produced a number of tracks in Tomii Chan's "Replay" EP (2020), featured in Kimberly Road Union’s EP “金巴道理農場”(2020) and Jabin Law's Album "Ahistorical" (2021).

Jonathan has a wide variety of interests, ranging from creative writing to physical expressions. The idea of having only one form of expression unsettles him. 

The experience he curated in September 2021, "Light, all you see is light...",  gives an example to that. Jonathan tried to infuse the elements of gaming into his multi-media experience that contains 3 stages. Working with a VJ, Moonnoon, each of the confined area owned an immersive and interactive projection and lighting, accompanied by pre-produced tracks and live sampling performance. Each playthrough have a group of 4-6 people. The participants have a set of rules and goals to follow in each separate stages, which is not mandatory to complete the game. The game emphasises on communications between different roles of people.

He participated in a number of theatre works as well, including works《舞台的燈光照了進來》(2018) and《卻行前,》(2019) by That Travis. Composed and performed in《Choreographer and Composer Lab - Works in Development》(2021) by West Kowloon Freespace. 

Jonathan has also been invited to perform in festivals in Germany (2018) and multiple ones in Taiwan, like “Ocean Homes” (2019).

All the projects aside, DAVID BORING has been one of his focuses all at the same time. They were invited to the documentary shooting by Weathervane music's Shaking Through in Philadelphia, 

following the performances at SXSW 2019.

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